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Audace Nakeshimana

Founder + CTO

Audace is a Rwandan MIT student and is a senior studying Computer Science and Engineering with a minor in Economics. Audace's background ranges from cutting-edge academic research to industry. He's worked in areas of Human-Computer Interaction, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Gaming at MIT CSAIL, MIT D-Lab, MIT Media Lab and Google. Audace has published work in Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and IEEE InfoVis and contributes as a Machine Learning Reviewer for Manning Publications.

Rich Fletcher (MIT Ph.D)

Technology Advisor

Dr. Rich Fletcher leads the Mobile Technology Lab based at D-Lab, which develops a variety of mobile sensors, analytic tools, and diagnostic algorithms to study problems in global health and behavior medicine. Rich has done field work in over a dozen developing countries and currently leads several research efforts in the area of global health, agriculture, environmental monitoring, behavior medicine, and mental health.

Alex Ntale (MBA)

Business Advisor

CEO of the Rwanda ICT Chamber where his work involves bridging the gap between private and public sector players in the ICT industry as well as overseeing and establishing new innovation centres for technology startups among them KLAB, Fablab Rwanda and a new Applied Research Labs. Before ICT Chamber Alex was a freelance software developer and lecturer at Université Libre de Kigali, in the Faculty of Finance and Banking

Frank Kwizera

Software Engineer

Frank Kwizera is a senior majoring in Computer Science at the University of Rwanda, College of Sciences and Technology(UR-CST). He is a Udacity graduate in programming for Data Science for Enterprise. Frank has worked on several Software projects in Kigali Rwanda, allowing him to strengthen his Software Development skills. He has worked with the National Unity and Reconciliation council to build a public searchable database to store the archives of the Institution for public use or research purposes. Frank co-founded Nexin Limited, which is a software development startup based in Kigali.

Arsène I. Muhire

Machine Learning Engineer

Arsene is a final year Computer Software Engineering student at the University of Rwanda. Arsene is a self-taught programmer who has built tools ranging from file downloaders to file sharing systems. He published multiple websites, apps and a browser extension all in an effort to keep up with the technology. Recently, he shifted his aspiration to Artificial Intelligence and got an AI nanodegree from Udacity. Since then, he has been enjoying working on the edge of possibilities, exploring the unknown.

Yvonne Keeza Kamili

System Registrar & Medical Imaging Specialist

Yvonne Keeza-Kamili is a results-driven Radiology Professional, with over 10 years of experience within health care organisations providing leadership, clinical expertise and education. She trained in UK and worked there for 7 years, then moved back to her motherland Rwanda where she is still residing. Yvonne has in-depth knowledge and skills learnt over several years in hospital environment and private institutions. She is currently working as a Clinical Application Specialist and Imaging Specialist, and is licensed to practice in UK, Abu Dhabi and Rwanda. Yvonne regularly volunteers as a part-time lecturer at University of Rwanda, takes great pride in her contribution towards improving Radiology services in Rwanda and save lives.